From the ancient inlay art, a service for Your entrance. A personalized doormat Intarsia for an elegant entrance.

The Intarsia Tradition

The art and the experience of transforming top quality materials in carpets with a strong visual impact, solid personalized doormats and tailor-made. Giving prestige to Your entrance is our source of inspiration.

The Intarsia Technology

The ancient inlay art inspired the manufacturing of the current personalized doormats. Intarsia Carpets S.r.l., through the modern cutting technologies, guarantees unique personalized doormats, loyal to Your requests.

The Intarsia Passion

The craftsmanship which our production is based on, guarantees unique, creative and personalized dormats according to Your needs. The passion of realizing tailor-made doormats carrying out their function distinguishes our dedication. Amazing You is our priority.