Sanitizer Mats

A sanitizer mat is a particular doormat impregnated with disinfectant (liquid or gel) that permits an efficient disinfection of the soles of the shoes.

Passing over, the disinfectant will adhere to the soles of the shoes sanitizing them in depth, preventing to introduce inside viruses and bacteria.

Their use is suitable both in private and in public contexts, but their use is recommended in all the situations in which the change of the shoes is not intended. They are ideal in offices, industries, practices, dental clinics, other sanitary structures, hospices, hotels, restaurants, bars, stores, shops, malls.

Intarsia Carpets S.r.l. offers sanitizer mats and carpets and non-slip sanitizer doormats, washable at 60° C, in different measures and customizable with your logo, brand or whatever graphic design that you want.

They can be also used as signaling carpets performing a double function: hygienic and managing access to the structure.

Available measures (cm): 85×60 – 85×115 – 85×150 – 200×85 – 200×115 – 200×150 – thickness 7mm.

Hereunder some examples of personalized sanitizer mats: