Maintenance and practical tips

When You receive your personalized doormats, you will notice that the inlay personalized doormats are rolled-up with the personalized part turned outward. This peculiar attention is very important in order for the inlay not to be pressed and ruined. So, it is very important to maintain the mat always spread on a plane, also when you want to clean it. Don’t bend it with the fabric inward, but always with the logo outward.

It is also very important to maintain your doormat clean. In addition to improve the entrance look, it will also improve the cleaning power of the fibers. The fastest and the most efficient method to clean it is using modern sweepers. We recommend a daily cleaning.

The inlay personalized doormats can be washed with water jet, high pressure cleaner, also with hot water (max 60°C) and mild soap. In case of hard spots, it is also possible to use a common nitro solvent. Moisten a white cloth and rub onto the spot.

Help us to understand the measure of the personalized doormats that you desire!

Our doormats are always custom made, in whatever form and color. Give space to your fantasy and don’t have doubts, your carpet will be your way to welcome your customers.

In case of carpets with irregular measures, for example rectangular or oval, it will be sufficient to give us two measures: base and height.

Carpet with regular form

Carpet with irregular form

In case of a particular form, for example a trapezoid, it will be necessary to communicate not only base and height, but also the measures of all the possible sides and diagonals, as you can see in the example.