Intarsia Carpets S.r.l. Personalized Doormats and Rugs

zerbini personalizzati

We don’t produce in series, each personalized doormats is designed and realized on Your real needs.

We realize for You the best personalized and tailor-made doormats!

Doormats for companies, offices, hotels, restaurants. Indoor and outdoor custom mats, aluminium doormats. Indoor carpets.

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Nel 2020 abbiamo inaugurato i nuovi uffici tecnico/commerciali
Nuovi Uffici
Nel 2020 abbiamo inaugurato i nuovi uffici tecnico/commerciali
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The company Intarsia S.r.l. was born in 1991.

Since 2002 the company is managed by Andrea Murdaca who, with enthusiasm and grit, spend all his forces to transform this little Biellese company in a well-established company throughout Italy and expanding in all Europe, able to satisfy the most demanding requests of its customers.

From the beginning, Intarsia Carpets S.r.l. has invested in equipment, safety and quality of the working environment. In 2019 we celebrated the opening of new commercial and administrative offices.

Entrust the professionalism that distinguishes us and our 30 years’ experience in the realization of personalized doormats!


Intarsia Carpets srl only uses materials of European origin, appropriate and resistant to realize tailor-made personalized doormats.

The wide range of colours and material allows every kind of tailor-made realization: from the mat for internal use made of polyamide fibers (adapt to water absorption), to external entrance carpets, where is important using strong fibers like polypropylene and the correct external treatment to resist to the atmospheric agents and to the damaging U.V. rays.

In our section Materials You can find a wide range of the best synthetic fabrics for the realization of Your project.


The choice of the material to use for Your personalized doormats mat is very important.

About that, visiting the section Materials, You will find a wide range to satisfy Your needs.

Our range of materials can give You the possibility to select the right one for You, but if You are not sure, tell us which are Your needs and we will be pleasured to recommend You the ideal material.

Our commercial offices are always at Your disposal for any kind of requests: You can contact us by phone at the following number +39 015 2595061 or filling the form that You can find in the section Contacts.



In addition to the historic production of custom rugs, doormats, foot-dryers and runners, Intarsia Carpets S.r.l. also offers complementary items such as sanitizing rugs and doormats and plexiglass protection barriers.